Heliofloat   -  Prototype I

Prototype I

Everything starts with small scale applications. So did the reseachers. The Prototype I testing facility includes a normally sized swimming pool which was adapted to test platforms the size of approximately 1 meter.

The model, sized 1 x 1 meters, was tested at the Vienna University of Technology. Working with a scale of 1:60 enabled the HELIOFLOAT scientists to confirm and engross the search results under different conditions. In order to find the ideal floating position, the platform-weight and the volume of the supporting air-chambers were varied.


The characteristics of small scale platforms are simular to the future HELIOFLOAT platforms. With a specially built wave generator, which produces the same wave spectrum as offshore parameters, all weather conditions were tested.

An important component was to test the movement of the surface. This was realized by measuring and recording the movements of designated points on the platform through optical reading. Thereby the scientists were able to transfer the data into a computer model.


Prototype I already showed splendid characteristics concerning swimming stability. Through all the measuring data, the HELIOFLOAT associates were able to validate and improve the numeric calculations.

The testing facility, owned by our partner, the Vienna University of Technology, is available at any time and will be used to test further improvements of HELIOFLOAT platforms.