Heliofloat   -  Prototype II

Further work on Prototype I led to a more detailed model, the HELIOFLOAT Prototype II.

Prototype II has a dimension of 4 x 4 meters and therefore was too large to test it at the Technical University of Vienna. Fortunately, the "Vienna Model Basin", one of the leading institutions in testing maritime innovations, is placed nearby.

The experiments with regular and irregular wave measurements proved, that by the use of modular conception, our platforms are very stable and can withstand any, even a one-in-a-hundred-years-, storm.

Vienna Model Basin

This is HELIOFLOAT Prototype II, sized 4 x 4 meters. Measuring points can be seen on the surface of the platform.

The floating characteristics were tested under open sea conditions. The data was gained by including a digital measuring and evaluation system.

The results at Vienna Model Basin proved the considerations and calculations right and encouraged the staff of HELIOFLOAT to take a step forward: HF-DEMO