Heliofloat   -  HF-DEMO


Research results are very important, but of small value if not confirmed under real time conditions. To verify all the calculations and tests, HF-DEMO will be the last pre-market scale platform.

To demonstrate the successful operation of HELIOFLOAT platforms, it is necessary to build a full-scale site. HF-DEMO basically is the up-scaled Prototype II, sized betwenn 20 x 20 and 60 x 60 meters.

HF-DEMO will confirm the floating stability as well as shading and offshore qualities under real conditions. Shading applications are most likely tested on water reservoirs and dams in arid regions. For industrial scale solar power applications it will be tested in the Mediterranean.

HF-DEMO will provide evidence of the suitability for the daily use of HELIOFLOAT technology. At the moment, first detailed design-engineering work take place. Talks and negotiations with partners and possible providers are beeing held.

A realistic ambition is to launch HF-DEMO in 2017.