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Pictures by architect David Pasek www.pasek.at



Coastal metropolises are using only half of their property. The other half of the city in our opinion would be really on water. HELIOFLOATs superior innovation in floating land reclamation offers property developer and architects to expand into new business dimensions.

Our “FLOATING VENICE” project clearly explains the advantage of our concept: By reclamation of new and more or less endless space to satisfy human needs for living, enabling to create values, as well as a boost in save food and potable water supply, no artificial and expensive solids embankment is needed.

While solids embankment always is endangered by erosion HELIOFLOAT has very little impact on the natural shore and its given water flow pattern. The costs per m˛ HELIOFLOAT platform are in the range of up to € 350/m˛ which simply is a bargain compared to the costs of land locked or embarked property costs.

HELIOFLOAT HABITAT is an extreme ridged but super lightweight, meaning very cost effective structure capable to float on off shore waters or land locked (salt)water lakes at wave conditions up to 8m amplitude without meaningful movements. Any vanguard application in your mind we feel worthwhile to discuss with you.