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Concentrating solar power (CSP)

HELIOFLOAT platforms offer the technical requirements for CSP application:

  • high swimming stability
  • low efficiency reduction owing to tracking errors
  • no shading means less required space
  • the whole platform moves - no sole lead of each mirror
  • unlimited amount of cooling water

It is useful to combine three or four platforms with a central operating unit. This power unit includes a turbine generator, a condenser, pumps, heat exchangers and an optional thermal storage system.

By using azimuth tracking on floating platforms, tracking systems for each mirror are not needed. Compared to land based systems there is a space reduction of up to 50%, because there is no shading. The loss due to the fact that the platform moves slightly is negligible. The horizontal deflection of a 300 x 300 meter platform is 0,048 degrees. At any time the platform follows the sun and therefore the angle is always ideal for gaining energy. This is another reason why, compared to others, the HELOIFLOAT system reduces costs.

Conventional photovoltaics (PV)

By using azimuth tracking the degree of efficiency rises compared to land based systems. The platform itself moves, and therefore sets the stage for the ideal angle of incidence. This application will be based on a single platform, as there is no central power unit.

In areas with adequate sea current, HELIOFLOAT platforms make use of rudders, which is shown on the image above. This also helps to reduce the power demand of the platforms to a minimum.

Concentrating photovoltaics (CPV)

As there are curved mirrors, on land based systems there is one motor in use at each unit. In future, floating CPV systems are possible. HELIOFLOAT platforms always provide the right angle for gaining energy. Again, the original and maintenance costs are cheaper compared to conventional land based systems.


  • azimuth tracking
  • swimming stability
  • endless amount of cooling water
  • no shading