HELIOFLOAT is in the development phase and working on different prototypes in different scales to test all possible operation modes.

Prototype I

Our first prototype (I) is a rather small lab scale application which enables us  to produce results of different new developments quickly and easily.


Prototype II

Prototype II is a scale-up of prototype I by the factor of 100 in terms of surface area. It was built after finishing basic feasibility studies on prototype I. It is already too large for the HELIOFLOAT basin at the Vienna University of Technology, which is used for all Prototype I research. So it was tested at Vienna model basin.

Prototype II


HF-DEMO will be our first industrial scale application which again is a scale-up of Prototype II by the factor of 100 in terms of surface scale. It will be our first platform swimming in the sea.


Platform HF I

HF I is the first commercial product of HELIOFLOAT and can be expected after successfully finishing all prototype and demo testing.


Floating food, animal nutria and energy from the Arab/Persian Gulf, Red Sea and extreme saline land locked lakes in arid regions of the Sahara and Iranian dessert region